Own the Moment, Web3 Sports Platform, Joins SimWin Sports as Team Owner

SimWin Sports, the world’s first virtual sports league, announced that Web3 sports community leader Own The Moment is joining its incredible lineup of team owners in its forthcoming metaverse sports league.
Own the Moment (OTM), a platform that provides analytical tools, gamification, and community for sports fans entering Web3, will join SimWin Sports as owners of the New Orleans Jolly Jokers football and basketball teams. It’s an ideal match with SimWin, given both companies’ future-facing platforms that merge a passion for sports with a desire to break new ground in Web3 technology.
OTM offers a content and analytics platform for sports NFTs such as NBA TopShot and NFL ALL DAY, as well as gamification via Web3 fantasy sports and community via the Jolly Jokers, OTM’s collection of 5,000 NFTs on the Flow blockchain.
OTM’s savviness within the NFT space pairs perfectly with SimWin’s revolutionary fantasy sports format, in which users can purchase NFT players who will have opportunities to be drafted onto a SimWin metaverse sports team by one of many celebrity team owners like Magic Johnson, Jerry Rice, Marshall Faulk, Nick Carter, and Dr. Jennifer Welter. Fans can then play 24/7-365 daily fantasy as these metaverse teams will play several simulated games per day.
Co-founded by daily fantasy sports veterans TJ Laessig and Justin Herzig, OTM brings a wealth of sports, Web3 and blockchain experience that will undoubtedly prove invaluable to SimWin. OTM has already made its mark in the next-gen tech space after being selected as part of Techstars’ 2021 class of startups for its Sports Accelerator incubator program. It has built a hyper-active community of over 50,000 Web3 savvy sports fans who actively collect NFTs and play fantasy sports.
“TJ, Justin, and the entire team at OTM are going to fit like a glove at SimWin,” said David Ortiz, Founder and CEO of SimWin Sports. “We’re ecstatic to bring in a group of individuals aligned with our vision of the future of Web3 gaming. We can’t wait to see what they’ll do as owners of the New Orleans Jolly Jokers, given that they’re notorious daily fantasy champions and truly passionate sports fans.”
“We knew SimWin would be a perfect fit with OTM from day one,” commented Laessig, Own The Moment CEO. “In addition to our shared focus on Web3 and blockchain technology, we also share a love of sports above all else. We can’t wait to help bring a fresh take on DFS to as many sports fans as possible.”
“SimWin Sports’ 24/7-365 fantasy sports offerings are a dream for any fantasy sports fan. We can play fantasy football, basketball, soccer, and more on-demand, with no off-seasons. That’s a dream come true,” added Herzig, Own The Moment Co-Founder. “To own a team in their metaverse league is a thrilling opportunity. The Jolly Jokers are going to dominate, no question about it.”
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