PrizePicks Engages U.S. Integrity for Enhanced Compliance

PrizePicks, a company involved in skill-based fantasy sports, recently entered into a partnership with a sports data and technology firm named U.S. Integrity. This collaboration will see PrizePicks make use of ProhiBet, a product co-developed by U.S. Integrity and another entity, Odds On Compliance.

The partnership intends to enhance PrizePicks’ monitoring and reporting services, thereby fortifying its ability to prevent fraudulent activities. ProhiBet comes into the picture as a comprehensive solution designed to monitor various stakeholders within the sports industry, including athletes, coaches, and officials. It is crafted to inhibit account creations and entries into Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) by using an encrypted platform that notifies about cross-monitoring activities.

ProhiBet’s technology serves to uphold a secure and transparent method which assists sports entities (across both professional and collegiate levels) and DFS operators like PrizePicks in ensuring compliance with respective rules and regulations.

“Our dynamic collaboration with U.S. Integrity underlines PrizePicks’ dedication to integrity and transparency within the daily fantasy sports industry,” said PrizePicks CEO and co-founder, Adam Wexler. “We are devoted to delivering a fair and trustworthy experience to our customers. By harnessing industry-leading technology, we’re able to strengthen our own integrity monitoring capabilities and enrich our customer experience.”

“We are thrilled to welcome PrizePicks into the U.S. Integrity family and join forces to promote integrity in the DFS industry,” said Matt Holt, CEO of U.S. Integrity. “PrizePicks’ unwavering commitment aligns perfectly with our principles, and we eagerly anticipate supporting their continued growth.”

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