Road to iGaming NEXT New York: Why You Can’t Miss This FanDuel Session!

In a little over a month’s time, from May 12th – 13th, global industry leaders from the iGaming and Finance communities will descend upon the Big Apple to connect and learn at the upcoming iGaming NEXT New York show.

This event provides an essential business networking hub for iGaming and Investment professionals to come together and find new, sustainable ways to drive the growth of the US iGaming market.

Andrew J. Winchell, Director of Government Affairs at FanDuel will be in attendance and taking part in the conference. iGamingFuture caught up with him to hear more about his interest in attending this event and what he see’s coming next for this fast-growing US market.

Why is it so important for you to attend live events like iGaming NEXT New York? Can they be compared to the increasingly popular virtual events we’ve seen emerge since the first Lockdown?

“Virtual events during lockdowns have been useful tools for information sharing and I believe they will continue to have a place going forward.  However, nothing can replace the intrinsic value of in-person events and the ability to network with colleagues.  I’m excited to participate in live events like iGaming NEXT New York and looking forward to reconnecting with colleagues in person.”

The regulatory landscape in North America is still in its relative infancy and more gaming legislation is expected to be passed in the coming year. How does this regulatory development impact the growth of the market? Does it encourage or limit commercial opportunity? 

“Obviously, as new states legalize this helps encourage commercial opportunity, presuming they have a reasonable legislative, tax, and regulatory framework.  For states that have launched, I have been encouraged by some trailer bills which have removed burdensome requirements – like in-person registration in Illinois.  However, we need to be equally cognizant of the risk of unfavourable legislation popping up and working proactively with legislators and regulators to address their concerns, before they force changes on the industry.”

New Jersey is known by many as the benchmark for US iGaming regulation. What other states do you think are leading the way in regard to implementing legislative frameworks that both facilitate healthy market competition whilst also keeping the player fully protected?

“I think Colorado has done a very good job, especially at incorporating the concerns and feedback of the public and industry to ensure that players are protected through regulations which do not impede operators with special conditions that provide no tangible benefit to consumers but sound good on paper.”

Other than your own, are there any other sessions on the conference agenda that you’re most looking forward to and why? 

“There are a number of great panels that I’m looking forward to but of course top of the list for me is the Friday Opening Keynote Talk on New York as it is near and dear to me.  Also having two of the architects of New York and New Jersey sports betting on the same panel will be a treat.”

Editor’s Note

After catching up with Andrew, it’s clear that the US market is progressing well regarding legislation and creating competitive markets for operators to sustainably grow within. Key markets like New Jersey have set a great example for others to follow, facilitating healthy market growth while ensuring the consumer benefit is always kept at the heart of regulatory frameworks.

FanDuel are just one of many market leaders who will be in attendance at the show. The combination of iGaming and finance professionals in one room is the perfect mix for healthy, constructive relationships to be built, resulting in the overall successful growth of the US iGaming market. Exciting times ahead!

iGaming NEXT New York is a must attend event taking place from 12th – 13th May, for more information please go to

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