Rob Gronkowski Returns for FanDuel’s 2024 Super Bowl ‘Kick of Destiny 2’ Campaign

Flutter’s FanDuel – the number one online sportsbook in North America and Official Sports Betting Partner of the National Football League (NFL) – has announced that four-time Super Bowl Champion, Rob Gronkowski, is heading to Super Bowl LVIII for the sequel to last year’s ‘Kick of Destiny’.

FanDuel’s ‘Kick of Destiny 2’ will see Gronkowski make his way to Las Vegas where he will attempt to successfully make a field goal in a live ad spot just before kick-off to the Super Bowl. FanDuel customers will be offered the opportunity to make a free pick on whether they think he will Make or Miss the kick through the FanDuel Sportsbook app, with eligible customers who pick correctly winning an equal share of $10,000,000 in bonus bets.

The launch of the integrated ‘Kick of Destiny 2’ campaign just ahead of Flutter’s planned additional listing on the New York Stock Exchange this year, and will culminate in the biggest event for US sports betting in the form of the Super Bowl on 11th February. In 2023, Super Bowl LVII was the single biggest staking event across Flutter, with FanDuel customers staking $215 million on an epic final that saw the Kansas City Chiefs edge out the Philadelphia Eagles by 38-35.

Speaking as part of the launch of the campaign, Gronkowski said: “When I missed the Kick of Destiny during last year’s Super Bowl, it was devastating. I told the team at FanDuel I knew I could do better and needed a shot at redemption this year. I’m going to show America I can make that kick, even with all the pressure of doing it live in front of the entire country.”

“Last year’s Kick of Destiny campaign saw tremendous engagement from our customers as they were captivated with what would happen during our live Super Bowl commercial,” said FanDuel Executive Vice President of Marketing, Andrew Sneyd. “With the introduction of the Make or Miss free pick function and Rob’s desire for redemption, this year will be even more exciting for FanDuel customers. Rob is an authentic embodiment of the FanDuel fan – passionate, entertaining, and trailblazing – and we’re ready to make history again.”

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