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Next week the international iGaming community, led by, is set to assemble in Spain for the industry event of the summer: The SBC Summit Barcelona.

Widely considered as a milestone event that’s not to be missed, the iGaming elite, Twin’s Head of Sportsbook Arvids Rasa among them, will gather at the famed Fira Barcelona Montjuic, with an expected 15,000 delegates in attendance.

The three-day summit offers excellent networking opportunities, premier content — and an unrivalled schedule of fun social activities in and around one of Europe’s most exciting cities.

Arvids and an impressive roster of iGaming thought-leaders will hit the stage to share insights on strategies, investments and critical operational focus issues.

iGamingFuture was offered exclusive time with the iGaming guru to glean some key insights into the Barça event.

And be given a privileged taster of Arvids’ upcoming summit session.

With so many industry events taking place throughout the year, why is it so important for you to attend SBC Barcelona in particular? What do you see as the key benefits?

You can probably say that the schedule is extremely saturated throughout the year, so there has to be a focus on quality and discussion that allows our industry to grow and develop together. SBC Barcelona offers a wonderful opportunity not only to see all kinds of products that are out there, but engage in a meaningful conversation with other experts in the field. It is always good to step away from the never-ending town market atmosphere that we see at many other conferences, where someone is always trying to sell their next big or hyped thing. Hence, no matter the vertical that someone is working with, there is something for everyone to attend, learn, and contribute. Personally, I do not see a time slot where I cannot find something that intrigues me. And if that is not enough, you get to visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

What will be discussed during your conference panel session and what will delegates learn from attending?

The panel that I will be moderating will focus on hyper-personalisation of sportsbook content. We will look to discuss the pros and cons of trying to go to extremes, discussing what would be the optimal balance, or if there is any.

Even though our key demographic is used to what the industry is currently selling, it does seem that there is a need for some sort of revolution in how we speak with our clients. And it is not just on the sports betting level. Of course, the trick will be to figure out if the juice is worth the squeeze. Do current users actually want something like that? What about future clients? Will hyper-personalisation be something that is the magic trick that can solve some issues for businesses? Even though I have my thoughts and biases, I am eager to hear what other people on the panel think and provide some fresh and different perspectives.

Are there any other industries that have managed to successfully implement hyper-personalisation already? What can the iGaming industry learn from them?

You can say that there are a few giants in various industries that have found a way. To name a few: Netflix, Spotify, Instagram. The common theme here is media, content and, most importantly, entertainment. Each of these cases has shown how you can disrupt the existing ecosystem and shift user behaviour and patterns in how they consume particular content.

Still, it begs a question: is it hyper-personalisation or simply personalisation that takes into account clients’ preferences, but also pushes content that algo wants client to consume? People have been gambling for ages and the way we do it has evolved over time. Trying to understand client behaviour will be the key in the future for the iGaming industry. On top of that, it will be important to come up with new bold ideas that can actually shake up our industry. I would say that the iGaming industry needs to be reminded at times what it actually means to take a risk instead of taking the safe approach.

Are there any other conference sessions that you’re keen on attending yourself and why?

“I have two particular panels that I have on my shortlist as must visit: “Exploring How To Bring New Audiences To Your Sports” and “Esports and More — Bringing Fresh Faces To The Betting Dance Floor”.

The reason is fairly simple: I personally believe that sportsbooks need to start thinking more outside the box as to how we speak with different audiences (esports and younger generations in particular). I’m really looking forward to hearing what ideas, or thoughts, these panels will share.

Taking part in roundtable discussions is almost a must as well, because of a different setting that can allow for more ideas to flow and maybe some crazy revelations can come out of it.

Since I have been involved with web3 products almost on a daily basis for a couple of years now, I will be looking to visit panels or keynotes that focus on these areas as well. I believe that eventually we will see proper use cases of technology that will benefit both users and business.

Editors Note:

After catching up with Arvids, the excitement for this upcoming event is palpable.

SBC’s crucial Barcelona Summit provides the perfect platform to discover current market trends, gain high-level industry insights. And, most specially, connect with industry contemporaries.

It’s an unmissable opportunity. Tickets can still be bought from the SBC website, so don’t miss out.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

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