Sportingtech at BiS: Geared Up for LatAM

Last month saw the latest edition of the Brazilian iGaming Summit hit the market for its fourth year, making a bigger splash than ever before. For iGaming stakeholders, whether domestic or international, this was an unmissable event that provided a unique opportunity for attendees to explore the landscape of this mammoth market and learn what iGaming success could potentially look like in Brazil!

Considering this, it’s no surprise that the Sportingtech team were out there in full force, spearheaded by their Sales Director, Jack Smith. We caught up with Jack to find out exactly why it was so important to him and his team to be in attendance at this show, and more importantly, how he sees the future of this exciting market developing going forward.

Why was it so important for Sportingtech to be part of the BiS show?

“To be a part of an event of this size has been a wonderful experience. This is the third year in a row we’ve exhibited here in Sao Paulo and to see the growth of SiGMA Americas this year has been great to see, and arguably brings this event into the tier 1 category of shows. For us this was a great opportunity to showcase our full range of products and services to existing and potential new partners. We wanted to highlight the true power and flexibility of our brand and how we can offer bespoke products for any operator.”

How was your experience at the show? Were you able to meet your objectives and what type of people were you able to connect with?

“We always have positive experiences at these shows, as we speak with key industry personnel and operator partners from across the globe. It’s always good to talk about the current state of the industry or take a deep dive into their business’ objectives, aims or pain points, and find out what they need from us. We are immediately thinking of ways that we can assist them and improve our products and services, enhancing our reputation of supplying bespoke packages from partner to partner. We also gained some valuable insight as to where the regulatory process is across several countries, and understanding what the current roadblocks are and how this will impact our business as well as our operator partners.”

As we know, there is still some key legislation that needs to be passed before Brazil can reach its full market potential. How important is Brazil as a market compared to the rest of the LatAm region? 

“Brazil is in many ways the jewel in the LatAm crown, and we expect to see other countries in the region follow suit and look at Brazil as the template to follow once regulations are approved. The country’s passion for sports, particularly football, creates a fertile ground for sports betting. With increasing internet penetration and a tech-savvy population, the iGaming sector in Brazil has the potential to experience substantial growth in the coming years. Brazil has been of importance to Sportingtech for a number of years now, which is why we already have native speaking teams in place across all departments to support operators on their journey of success. This will also be strengthened with our eventual plans to have an office in Brazil as well. That aside, we plan on doing what we do so well, delivering tailored products and solutions for operators, that significantly enhances their reputation with bettors.”

What are your plans for the show next year? Will you attend any other LatAm shows to help increase Sportingtech’s visibility across the region?

“In short, expect our offering to be bigger than ever as we continue our impressive growth trajectory. We made the decision to create a compelling and engaging stand in the exhibition centre and we saw the benefit of that. Brands want to partner with others that have a presence, and they soon discover that we are experts in the field and can improve their business. I think this show has huge potential moving forward, you can already see the vast growth already and I see no reason why it should stop. Based off that alone it’ll come as no surprise that we’ve already had initial discussions with BiS and SiGMA about our plans for the show in 2024. This event has really whetted the appetite to enhance our exposure in the LatAm market and we will be making our presence felt at SBC Summit Latin América in October as we continue to improve our already impressive footprint, ensuring we are at the front of the queue when regulations are finally given the green light, whether that be in Brazil or anywhere else that we see potential.”

Editor’s Note:

After catching up with Jack, it’s exciting to see that there are still so many growth opportunities to be taken advantage of in Brazil. Being present at the BiS show was not just about meeting potential new customers but also about highlighting the true power and flexibility of their brand, showing how they can offer bespoke products for any operator and truly supercharge this nascent market!

With all important legislation expected to be published imminently, the future of Brazil looks bright and we’re looking forward to see how the market develops going forward, providing sustainable growth opportunities for operators and taking the LatAm market to the next level!

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