Sportsbook 2021: The Path to Scaling Up

As new iGaming markets continue to emerge around the world, it has become increasingly pertinent for operators to be able to cater to as many potential bettors as possible to remain competitive. But with so many events and markets available, how can operators leverage this to grow whilst still being able to offer personalised experiences on a large scale?

Robin Jakobsson, Managing Director at OddsCraft AB insists that the solution lays within utilising intuitive UI systems, but what does this mean in practical terms and how will it ultimately enable operators to deliver customer personalisation on a large scale?

We find out below:

With so many sporting events happening across the globe simultaneously, how can operators ensure they are covering as many markets as possible without overcrowding their platform UI?

“It is always a good thing having a broad offering to attract as many customers globally as possible. The real challenge though is to present the betting offer in an attractive way that makes it easy for end-users finding their individually most relevant markets. With OddsCraft’s Betrix™, operators can present a real time-saver with an innovative and intuitive UI, where billions of bet offers are revealed in one single screen. End users can forget endless scrolling and build and visualise their own bet in a few seconds.”

For today’s online consumers, speed and convenience are two of the most important factors in their overall customer experience. How can operators ensure they are matching consumer expectations and delivering a frictionless transactional experience?

“Instead of endless scrolling for end-users to find the bet they want to bet on, or at least close enough, the easiest way is to enter the Betrix™ and just build your own bet.

“Bet on “Under 2.5 goals”, exclude “0:2”, push the bet if ending “0:1” – in just one touch with Betrix™

“Betrix™ covers a significant majority of the most popular bets, but only takes up a small fraction of the space compared to how bet offers are normally displayed.

“For live betting, where you must quickly find and get your bet approved, Betrix™ is checking all boxes when it comes to speed, convenience and total customer freedom.

“Since end-users are building their own bet, they can easily add and deduct bet options to get exactly the bet they want.”

What impact can offering an increased number of markets have on wagering activity?

“The impact on an increased offering depends on which customers you want to attract. Some end-users prefer the simplest possible offer with just the most common markets, while others are excited to have much to choose from. The extension of the number of markets is a quite saturated way to attract customers already. Extending with new markets make the betting process more time-consuming and confusing, as bets are harder to find.

“The best operators are focusing on increasing the bet offering. If these offers are also combined with quick and simple navigation like Betrix™, they significantly impact operator’s turnover and are utilized to a much higher extent, for in-running events especially. ”

With so many limitations on attendance at live sports, it’s more important than ever to try and create a buzz online for the player. How can new products such as Betrix™ help to improve the customer experience going forward?

“To offer new sportsbook features and unique bet offers is a necessity for most operators. Many operators use the classic but somewhat boring odds presentation and what time the match starts for marketing purposes. The majority of sports fans already know when the match starts, and the competition to stand out from the crowd with just odds is really high.

“With Betrix™, operators get a great possibility to create completely tailor-made bet offers to use for promotion. For example, “Liverpool to win with at least 2 goals, but also add 0-0 and 1-0 to Liverpool”, or “Under 3.5 goals, but not 0-3 or 0-2 to Leeds”. These bets can all be customized by the end-user. This kind of odds promotion is the way forward to engage end-users sharing in social media and an easier way for the operator to receive attention.”

Editor’s Note:

Speaking to Robin was a real eye opener into the exciting possibilities in sports book technology. Being able to intuitively offer your customer their own tailor-made betting experience is a feature every operator would like to offer, but the challenge comes in being able to do this at scale, across multiple markets. Maintaining high levels of customer personalisation is a must if our industry is to continue growing, products such as Betrix provide a way for operators to finally realise their scaling up dreams. We look forward to seeing more products like this being adopted across the industry in the future.

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