The Future of Esports Betting

As the esports wagering sector continues to flourish, many operators and platform providers alike are not maximising the growth opportunities that this exciting gaming vertical has to offer.

Being a nascent industry means there are still very few dedicated specialists in this field and certain opportunities are not being optimised, often resulting in lower trading margins, lack of innovation, limited game coverage and an increased risk of vulnerability to expert players with insider knowledge.

Further to our recent RoundTable on the same subject, this magazine gathers some of the primary thought leaders in esports betting to discuss the key elements that will enable you to take your esportsbook to the next level.

We’ve curated exclusive insights on these topics from key stakeholders across the gaming world, among them:

  • Daniel Sanders, Director of Marketing, Luckbox
  • Stepan Shulga, Head of Esports, Parimatch Tech
  • Martin Dachselt, CEO, Bayes Epsorts
  • Adam Boothe, Director of Esports, PrizePicks
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Magazine Contributors

Daniel Sanders
Director of Marketing
Luckbox – Real Luck Group

Stepan Shulga
Head of Esports
Parimatch Tech

Martin Dachselt
Bayes Esports

Adam Boothe
Director of Esports