The Future of Esports Integrity

As esports continues to grow and flourish, just like with any other sport, the esports community has struggled with issues of integrity and player protection in the past.

In order to maintain the impressive levels of growth it has experienced in recent years, the esports industry now understands more than ever the need for sports integrity and player protection to be the centrepiece of its growth strategy.

Further to a recent iGF Masterclass on the same subject, this magazine sees esports industry pioneers and thought leaders discuss the best ways to maximise integrity and protect the player.

This magazine will give you the tools and knowledge to take the next step and ensure sustainable growth for your own operations and the wider esports community going forward.

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Magazine Contributors

John Knauss
Lead of Competitive Data Programs for Esports
Riot Games

Evgeniy Bekker
General Manager
BETER Esports

Amir Mirzaee
Bayes Esports

Marcel Menge
SVP Engineering B2B

Dr David Weller
Group Legal Counsel
Lubberger Lehment