World Pool Sees Significant Increase in Turnover at Dubai Super Saturday Event

The recent Super Saturday event held in Dubai proved to be a major success for World Pool, with a globally commingled turnover of HK$224,802,517 (approx. $28.6m) generated across eight races at Meydan. This represents an increase of HK$18.9m (approx. $2.4m) compared to the previous year’s turnover.

One particular highlight of the event was the Ras Al Khor conditions race, which attracted betting from pari-mutuel organizations in more than 20 countries and generated HK$33,518,763 (approx. $4.3m) in bets. The race was won by Al Suhail, a horse from Godolphin.

The two G1 races featured on the card also saw significant turnover, with HK$33,366,784 (approx. $4.3m) bet on the G1 Jebel Hatta and HK$31,560,463 (approx. $4m) on the G1 Al Maktoum Challenge R3.

Salute The Soldier emerged victorious in the Al Maktoum Challenge R3 for the second time, earning his trainer Bhupat Seemar’s team a cheque for HK$40,000 and entry into the World Pool Moment of the Year competition. The horse also became the fourth World Pool Moment of the Day winner for 2023.

World Pool’s upcoming event is the Dubai World Cup meeting, which will be held at Meydan Racecourse on Saturday, March 25th. This event is expected to attract significant interest from those involved in the igaming and sports betting industries.

Bheekh Singh, groom of Salute The Soldier said, “I’m delighted! This is a big amount of money for me and it will help with a lot of things. We work so hard, we love our horses and it’s great that the World Pool is rewarding that.

“Salute The Soldier is a legend. I’ve been his groom since 2019 and hopefully we have many more big days ahead.”

Sam Nati, Head of Commingling at the Hong Kong Jockey Club said, “World Pool continues to grow year-on-year and we couldn’t be happier to exceed 2022’s Super Saturday turnover total. Having runners from Hong Kong engaged at the meeting really added to the international flavour that is World Pool.”

“We continue to see unbelievable comparative value and deep liquidity wherever World Pool goes.”

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