The continued rise of online sportsbook across the globe brings with it a raft of exciting growth opportunities.

As market competition intensifies and consumer habits evolve, operators everywhere must leverage the latest tech advancements to maintain their competitive advantage and keep retention levels high.

Further to a recent RoundTable on the same subject, this iGF Magazine will see some of our industry’s leading forward thinkers come together to discuss the future of sportsbook retention, an overview of the latest tech advancements and most importantly, how we, as an industry, can best leverage exciting new tools to maximise player engagement for sportsbook products.

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Magazine Contributors

Lauri Vahtramäe
Head of Sports & Gaming CEECA
Betsson Group

Owen Ordway
Head of Sports
PressEnter Group

Arvids Rasa
Head of Sportsbook
Neo Group

Oleksandr Feshchenko
Chief Revenue Officer
GR8 Tech

Moderator: Toke Møller Theilade
Head of Sports
Time2play Media