Changing the Narrative: Keynote Presentations – John Battle, Andrew Gellatly & Rasmus Kjaergaard

Earlier on this month at the iGamingFuture Breakfast Club, it was an honour to be joined by some of the foremost thought leaders in our industry.

On the day, we had the privilege of being joined by industry expert Andrew Gellatly(iGF Breakfast Club Chairman), CEO of Mindway AI, Rasmus Kjærgaard (Opening Remarks) and media industry veteran, John Battle, Head of Compliance at ITN News (Special guest speaker).

During his keynote speech, John was able to draw upon his experiences as a compliance leader in the world of mainstream media to impart key learnings that he believes the iGaming industry can potentially learn from.

Furthermore, Johns’ outside industry knowledge provides a refreshing perspective for our audience, helping them to look at the compliance and player protection challenges we face in a way that has rarely been highlighted before in our sector.

Key takeaways from his keynote speech include:

  • Practical ways to lobby government and affect legislation changes
  • Creating a unified industry voice
  • Best practice for internal governance
  • Improving media and regulatory relations
  • The importance of working within the law
  • How to improve consumer protection standards
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John Battle
Head of Compliance
ITN News

Rasmus Kjaergaard
Mindway AI, Event Sponsor

Andrew Gellatly
Conference Chair
Compliance Expert