The iGF Breakfast Club: Changing the Narrative

Location: TechSpace 25 Luke St, London EC2A 4DS Open Google Maps
Event Date: 14/06/2022 | Start Time: 8:30 am  | End Time: 11:30 am

As we enter a new era for responsible gambling and compliance, coupled with the impending release of the UK Gambling Act Review, staying ahead of the regulatory landscape is an ever-increasing challenge.

To help the iGF community understand what the future holds for this exciting sector, on June 14th we gathered some of the greatest minds in igaming to discuss the most pressing compliance and responsible gaming challenges we face as an industry.

We were honoured to host John Battle, Head of Compliance, ITN Group for an excellent Keynote Presentation. John drew on his vast experience as a compliance leader at one of the most established media companies in the world, offering fresh perspectives on how to navigate an increasingly regulated environment.

The speeches were rounded out by industry experts Andrew Gellatly (iGF Breakfast Club Chairman) and Rasmus Kjærgaard(CEO, Mindway AI), offering foresight into the future of igaming compliance.

Watch all three incredibly insightful speeches HERE

Attendees were then treated to a VIP coffee tasting and breakfast experience, whilst networking with prolific industry peers, continuing the conversation,  and applying out-of-industry insight to solve igaming compliance challenges, now and for the future.

On the day we captured some of the insightful thoughts and opinions from a cross-section of the iGF Breakfast Club attendees; looking at the benefits of learning & networking environments like the Breakfast Club, what the future holds for player protection in our sector and most importantly, how we can use the experiences of other industries to make ours more successful in the future!

Their valuable insights can be found HERE

About The iGF Breakfast Club:

An exclusive, mid-week, face to face morning meet up for a select group of iGaming industry leaders and forward thinkers. It’s been purposefully designed to provide an intimate and unique networking experience for iGaming executives, while also delivering outside industry insight. A hub for education, ideas exchange, creating strong new connections and most importantly, a good breakfast!

The Benefits of Attending The iGF Club

  • Strong, new connections with like-minded gaming and compliance leaders
  • Fresh perspectives on navigating the future, through outside of industry insight
  • New learnings and ways to drive compliance strategies
  • A VIP Experience
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John Battle
Head of Compliance
ITN News

Rasmus Kjaergaard
Mindway AI, Event Sponsor

Andrew Gellatly
Conference Chair
Compliance Expert